July 17-19, 2015

Ever have one of those friends in your life who you’d do anything for and adore with all your heart? I’m sure many of you are nodding your head in agreement and can instantly say “yes” without hesitation. I certainly do, and so blessed to say I have several friends in my life who have earned that credibility. Well, this weekend was a weekend to honor one of those said friends – my former college roommate and beautiful kind friend of 11-years.

I committed months ago to a bachelorette party weekend 7.5 hours away in Ocracoke, NC for one of my favorite people in the world. There was no way I was backing out … even if it meant driving 7.5 hours in a freakin’ boot, hobbling on sand in a clunky boot and vomiting every night in pain (and not because of “bachelorette party bad decision” shots of tequila). I made sure to pack enough Advil to get me through three full days, and tripled checked that I had packed my heating pad and wine. The only thing that kept me going is knowing I’m going to celebrate the engagement and future marriage of someone who I adore. I wouldn’t have missed this for the world.

My outfit decisions were on point for this trip. I made sure every outfit coordinated appropriately with my one-of-a-kind accessory – Mr. Boot. Who am I kidding? No one can possibly look cute in a clunky boot when bar hobbling around town with a bunch of beautiful women.


This entire trip I fought my own internal “negative Nancy” battle and refused to let it show and refused to verbally vomit up negative complaints. There was no way was I letting this bachelorette be concerned about me when this weekend was all about her. I was in a ridiculous amount of constant pain that words really can’t describe and my stomach was so poofy and bloated this entire weekend. I hate that I’m saying this, but it didn’t help that there were two adorable prego woman at the bachelorette party weekend – clearly reminding me of the belly I wish to have one day. It was the final countdown. I was literally counting down the minutes until my surgery … 10 days, 2 hours and 24 minutes to be exact from the time I got into the car for the drive to the beach.

In my own internal thoughts, I unfortunately remind myself that I’m going through one of those lovely life events that, you know, pretty much take you out over several days, weeks, but now merging into months. Sure, I’m knocked down, but not out! I managed to laugh at the thought for just a second and remind myself of the light at the end of the tunnel that will help get rid of my pain. On a separate note, my boot comes off the same day as my upcoming surgery. Onward, Jane…. to a couple of late nights with neon colored penis straws and tequila!

Eventually during the weekend I had to break it to my beautiful bachelorette friend the immense pain I was experiencing and gave her literally the 5-second long cliff notes version of what’s going on with me. I didn’t want her to worry about me by any means, but there was a point during both party nights I had to leave the bars early to go back to the hotel to have a date with the heating pad and Motrin PM. I was disappointed in that I told her, but I didn’t want to come across that I wasn’t happy to be there to celebrate her.

So what’s the point of this post? Just know this… whether you’re going through personal struggles or health hurdles, a tube of bright pink lipstick and a cute little black dress can be two of life’s greatest accessories. (grin!)


July 2-5, 2015

It’s July 4th weekend and JM and I couldn’t be more excited to have my brother Tyler and his girlfriend fly into town. My brother lives very far away and we only get to see him a couple times a year. We have a bunch of plans lined up for the holiday weekend and can’t wait to spend this weekend with family and just relax before my upcoming surgery scheduled for the end of the month. More importantly, I can drink without worrying whether or not I’m pregnant. We needed this weekend for more reasons than I can possibly list.

Since I can enjoy a drink or two, I may or may not have influenced my mom and my brother’s girlfriend to go venture out to some vineyards. Ok, so it wasn’t hard to twist their arms to go to the vineyards at all. So while we went wine tasting, the guys decided to do a little golfing. After the guys finished golfing, they joined us at the vineyard! And, by some bizarre coincidence, my sister-in-law and her mom just so happened to be at the same vineyard at the same time when the guys showed up! ALRIGHT! PARTY TIME! Now we’re talking! BRING ON THE BOTTLES!


Remember in my diagnosis post I left off asking what could possibly go wrong next? Get ready for the detour I’m about to tell you.

Fast forward to a few hours after a lovely time at the vineyard. Tyler and I got a phone call from our Father who lives 7 hours away from me. He’s in the hospital. Now, my father has been having some health issues the last couple of weeks, but not to the point where he had to go to the hospital. Tyler immediately goes into panic mode and decides he needs to be with our Dad. Tyler and I have a quick, but very serious sibling talk (yes, after having quite a bit of wine) and decide it’s time to bring our Dad up to stay with JM and I so we can take care of him. With his health issues lately and no family close by to help him, he needed us and there was no way we could put him on a plane to stay with Tyler in his current state.

The next 36 hours turn into complete chaos for Tyler and his girlfriend. They decided to rent a SUV, drive 7 hours to stay with our Dad at the hospital, pack up as much stuff as possible from his house, and bring him up to our house. This whole situation happened way too fast.

Let me break down for you all the things going on at once at a level everyone and their three-year old can understand. JM and I are dealing with our fertility challenges, I’m about to have surgery in 3 weeks, I still have a freakin’ boot on my foot, and now my Dad is living with us so we can take care of his health. ALL ABOARD THE PITY BOAT!

The day my dad arrives, I start running a mental list of 200 things I need to do in the upcoming days for him besides the obvious of finding him doctors in my area. At this moment, anything from my past I may have considered stressful was now viewed as a complete joke and so not stressful at all. This. This is the definition of stress.

I find myself pausing from my “to do” thoughts and remind myself of my high school yearbook quote – “Everything happens for a reason. The hard part is finding that reason.” Well, I think I found another reason why the big man upstairs hasn’t sent a Stork our way yet… he had it in his plans for JM and I to take care of my father and get him back to good health first.