April 25, 2016

Let me preface this with a clear message that this is a one-off post. I should probably start off by explaining why I jumped from my last post date of June 2015 to today. Don’t worry, I will fill in the blanks. Something happened yesterday afternoon and just had to write a post explaining. I know what you are all thinking. No, #ImNotPregnant #Yet Trust me, I’m way more creative than choosing to announce a pregnancy on a blog. 🙂

It always catches me by surprise when the stars align, when things happen coincidentally, or when things are “meant to be.” It never gets old. Remember last week when I launched my blog and in my “About Me” post  I said I’m doing this to raise awareness about the disease of infertility and to let those struggling with it also know that they are not alone? So, yesterday someone in a Facebook (FB) group I’m on posted a link to Resolve – The National Infertility Association. I heard of Resolve, but just simply never had time to dig into what it’s all about. (No offense, Resolve!) Well, they announced yesterday it was the first day of National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW).

WELL CALL ME PSYCHIC!!! Call it a coincidence!! Seriously people, what are the odds that I launched my blog just last week – the week before it’s NIAW?  And get this… the theme is #StartAsking. Did I not just post about all my internal questions in my diagnosis post? I’m going to call this coincidence with a side of “meant to be.” I had no idea that NIAW was even a thing, but let me tell you I instantly got the goosies when found out. After I saw the post, I did what I habitually always do; naturally, I texted my husband right away. His response was “it needs to be more than a week in my opinion.” What a guy, I tell ya!


Call me selfish or perhaps my upcoming ask is purely a shameless request. I’m a former New Yorker and honestly don’t care. You guys know I created this blog to raise awareness. Well, I’m asking for your help. So many of you have left some incredibly kind and thoughtful messages – both publicly and privately – since I launched my blog, and what’s even more amazing is that a number of you decided to “come out” and share your personal infertility stories with me. I had no idea this blog could have that kind of impact right away. (I think I just measured my first “measure of effectiveness.” Only a select few will get that nerdy joke.) Well, I want to raise even more awareness beyond my inner FB circle and family. I mean, after all I did make this blog public so it can reach those at a distance. So, here’s my selfish request… help me spread awareness!

Perhaps making this post at almost 9pm on a Monday night won’t make it go viral, but let me break this down for you using my #MathNerd skills. I didn’t major in math for nothin’.

I have 700 FB friends. The average number of FB friends people have is nearly 340, according to Pew Research in 2014 (like what I did there?). About two-thirds of FB users access FB daily. So, let me simplify this for you. If 467 of my friends (that’s 2/3rds of my total, you non-math folks) spread my blog onto their page, then 2/3rds of their friends (226 people) spread it onto their page, we’re looking at my story reaching over 105k people in one day with just 2-degrees of separation. Now, don’t ask me to calculate the confidence interval on this. Let’s just fudge it + or – 5%.

I may not be the best writer, in fact I majored in math because I’m a terrible speller, a slow reader, and never enjoyed writing. Yet, here I am out of my comfort zone blogging. Sometimes we just have to step out and do things to make a difference even if it’s a little out of our element.

Happy National Infertility Awareness Week, y’all!